Coming soon. But here are a few notes

• You have to build a road through an unknown terrain. The arrow upper tight points to the finish line.

• You can control the car with single touch or dual touch and also change the camera mode. You can setup this in the options menu.

• When you drive through a sand storm, then your car will be hit. There are more difficulties planned like falling rocks and so for the unimplemented levels.

• The car will be repaired when you stop at the gas station. So its a good idea to connect them to your road.

• Once you unlocked a level in the campaign mode, then your created road is available under the menu tracks. You can drive again on your road an beat your time or create a new road. You can mark your track as favorite to find it quickly under the favorite menu.

• The multiplayer connects the devices through LAN/WLAN.

• The multiplayer has 2 modes.
1) You have to build the road and drive along it and reach as first the finish line.
2) Drive along a set of already built roads (roads have to be marked as favorite).

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